South Leicestershire, 29 September 1327: Assessments for Edward III’s Lay Subsidy

Around 1891 the Rev. W.G.D. Fletcher of St. Michael’s, Shrewsbury published his transcription and notes on the 1327 Lay Subsidy of Leicestershire as “The Earliest Leicestershire Lay Subsidy Roll, 1327”, noting that this was the oldest surviving taxation record for the county. The original document would have been used by the people responsible for collecting the receipts to fund the main item of government expenditure being planned at that time; which was the war against neighbouring Scotland.

The document records the amount each town and village in the county was assessed for and the names of the individuals making the payments. Michaelmas Day (29th September) was chosen as the day on which the assessments were to be made, and several loyal and good men were summoned from each vill to determine the tax according to its true value, amounting to a twentieth part of all movable goods.

I have transcribed the data again to a spreadsheet and visualised the results inĀ Tableau Public. Check out the maps and charts for a snapshot of the wealth and populations for the communities in the Guthlaxton and Gartree Hundreds of South Leicestershire, in comparison with the Borough of Leicester itself.

Visualisation Content
Taxpayers Map of communities with the names of villages given in the Lay Subsidy
Assessments Map of communities with modern nmes and graded by size of subsidy paid
Averages Map with size of community graded by average of tax paid divided by number of taxpayers
Bar Chart List of communities graded by amount of contribution paid
Bubbles Group similar communities by amount of contribution
Scatter Plot Graph of taxpayers and contributions
Pareto Pareto chart showing where 80% of the tax yield can be found.

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